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No Spam

Yesterday I switched email for my primary domain over to GMail. I have a dozen email addresses and a few distribution lists, and I moved about a half million email messages over to my GMail folders.

It’s probably too early to sing its praises, since it’s only been 12 hours, but …

This morning, it was eerily quiet in my inbox. No strident calls to buy a genuine fake Roles, or increase the size and strength of various body parts. No encouragement to get my website to the top of the search results, or make a million dollars by helping out a long-lost relative in Uzbekistan.

It was rather like walking down the main street in a big city, but not being jostled by grubby passers-by, and not hearing the sound of cars, gunshots, hawkers, screaming children, barking dogs, or howling sirens, but being able to hear the polite, soft-spoken conversation of the well-dressed gentleman walking beside you.

I looked over in the Spam folder, and all the noise was there, where it should be, but as far as I could tell, none of the polite conversation had made it over there by mistake.

I think I’m going to like it here.

Gmail for RCBowen.com

I just flipped the switch, and pointed the MX records for RCBowen.com at GMail. I’ve been running my own mail server for about 15 years now, and this is the first time I’ve trusted anybody else to handle @rcbowen.com email. We’ll see how it goes. I sincerely hope that the outcome is less spam.

By far the most painful part of the process was migrating a half-million email messages from my IMAP server over to Google, and trying to get all the same folders and filtering rules set up. But, in the process, I deleted probably another quarter of a million email messages. Ye gods I have a lot of email.

And, yet, after all that, I’m only using 5% of my capacity on GMail.