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Wilmore caches

I was going to go out to Wilmore today and hide a geocache. I got just a little carried away, and ended up hiding 5 of them. Hey, these folks have given me hours of enjoyment, it’s just a little bit I can do to give back. So, here they are, in no particular order:

Note that as of right now, these are not yet approved, and may end up having to be moved for one reason or another. I’m particularly concerned about the last one, which is almost exactly 0.10 miles from another cache, which is the limit of how close they can be. Hopefully they mean .10 or more, not strictly greater than .10 miles.

Benchmarks, trains, other stuff

An important skill, when looking for benchmarks, as opposed to geocaches, is knowing when it is silly, or dangerous, or even lethal, to continue looking. I just came back from looking for this one, and I did not find it. I know exactly where it is, but I’m not dressed for it. For dying, that is. Perhaps I’ll go back some day and look again. It’s at the top of a cutting that the tracks run through, and so I had to go quite a ways down the track to find a way to get up onto the side. But then I could not find it without risking my life on the edge of the cutting, which was crumbling with every step I took.

Yes, I know, I should not be on the tracks. It’s probably trespassing, or something, and a good way to get squished. But I’ve been walking tracks as long as I can remember, and have not been squished yet. Although my grandfather really liked to tell about his friend who went walking on the tracks, and all they found was his nose. There’s something slightly apocryphal about that story.

I’m also perpetually amazed at how far out of their way people will go to throw away their trash. There I am, up on this cutting, sure I’m going to die any minute, and there’s beer bottles, a dinner plate, a hub cap, and a car battery. I mean, come on, surely it would be easier to throw those away at home? I seriously don’t know how someone could have gotten out there with all that trash. On one side is the train track, and on the other is a cow pasture. The area between is heavy brush, barbed wire fence, and a 20-foot shale cliff. Yet someone has taken the trouble to lug their coors bottle out here to dispose of it.

Later today, I’ll upload photos of where I didn’t find the benchmark, and of where I didn’t fall to my death from a crumbling cliff.

My first cache hide

Yesterday, I hid my first cache. It was too beautiful to stay indoors, so I went out to Wilmore to hide my prepared caches. However, the place where I wanted to put it has shiny new “no trespassing” signs, which was less than welcoming. I need to speak with the guy responsible for that land, and persuade him of the value of permitting this.

Anyways, after that, I decided to go ahead and hide one anyway, which you can see here.

Nobody has found it yet, so I don’t know if I did a good job or not.

The day’s caching

We found one of the three that we looked for. The others were taking too long, and Sarah did not want to wait any more.

And I found 2 of the three benchmarks I looked for. One was partially destroyed, and the one that I did not find, I’m fairly sure that it was destroyed, but I don’t have any direct evidence of it.

Geocaching premium

Well, I coughed up the $30 and became a GeoCaching Premium Member, and, in addition to the satisfaction of helping this free service keep running, it appears that there are indeed really cool benefits already. First of all, I can do the sort of searches that I have wanted to do all along (search by difficulty, cache type, and radius, and have the results sent to me as a Easy-GPS file every week, so that I can just upload it to my GPSr). But, more importantly, they seem to be very open to suggestions of other member services, and I have a few suggestions.

Anyways, we have three caches lined up to look for today, so we’ll see how it goes.


I read a web site about GPS Drawing, and decided I should try it, if only on a small scale. So, I drew a dog. It is a total of 0.77 miles of track, and is about 2000 ft from nose to tail I think. And my feet were very very cold and wet. But it was kinda fun.

This is in the large empty field behind Beaumont Center. I’m sure I looked very odd stumbling around randomly in the field for a half hour or so.

The tip of the tail is roughly at 38° 01.131N, 84° 22.576W


This morning, Sarah and I went to Shillito Park to play in the playground. While we were there, we went over to the GeoCache that I had found on Thursday. I did not have anything with me to swap out with what was there, on Thursday, so I had taken something with me today to swap out. So, I went to where the thing was hidden, got it out, and let Sarah pick something out of it, replacing it with what we had brought.

Sarah promptly cancelled most of the other stuff that we had scheduled for the day, and decided that we needed to spend the rest of the day “treasure hunting.” We found three caches, and looked for one other, which we were unable to find. Sarah enjoyed it all at least as much as I did.

If you’re not familiar with GeoCaching, you should take a look at www.geocaching.com. It’s basically a treasure hunt with a GPS, and it is very cool, and a lot of fun.

By the way, we found:
Belleau Woods Cache
Another Li’l Cache in a Pretty Li’l Park
“Wave” at me

We looked for, but did not find:
GardenSide Treasure