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Introducing Einwimz – a word game

Long, long ago (2004-2006) I played a game called Ghyll. You can still witness the carnage at http://www.gamegrene.com/wiki/Main_Page  I am sure that I’ve told many of you about it, since it was tons of fun.

In short, it’s a fictional wikipedia, with a turn-based system of writing the entries. Collaborative fiction meets encyclopedia.

I’ve wanted to do one of these again for many years – this was about 10 years ago – and have finally started it up. I wonder if you’d be interested in playing, and/or if you know other people that might be interested. They don’t need to be “writers”, necessarily, just people with a sense of humor and some imagination.

If you would like to play, I’m setting up the website, and you can create an account at http://lexicon.tm3.org/ Game play is as-you-have-time. If you skip a round or two here or there, nobody minds. I’m still in the process of setting things up, and will let everyone know when the first turn starts. I expect that we’ll start the first turn in the next week or two. Meanwhile, read the front page of the site, and the FAQ that is linked from there, if you want to play.