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Changing tires

Last night, I slipped a little on the ice, ran into a curb, and popped my front right tire off of the rim, instantly deflating it with an impressive bang. It was cold, icy, snowing, and generally unpleasant out last night. I tried briefly to change the tire, but it was so cold, and I was so inappropriately dressed, that I couldn’t make any progress, and just left the Jeep there in the parking lot overnight.

This morning, in the freezing rain, I spent about an hour and a half changing the tire, what with one thing and another. The jack turned out to not go high enough to actually get the spare on. And the spare was underinflated, when I finally did get it on. And the air compressor at the gas station didn’t work, so I had to drive several miles on the underinflated tire. And this whole process got me soaked and freezing. So I’ve felt less than stellar all day, and ache all over.

But, I was able to get the tire put back on the rim, and inflated, and back on the Jeep, for considerably less than I thought the whole escapade would end up costing me.