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The Bear (Stopping by woods)

Ruth posted a Robert Frost parody.

I’ve got one too:

The Bear (Stopping by Woods)
10 September 2007

Whose woods these are I do not care
But I must run to ‘scape the bear.
He will not see me stopping here
To catch my breath, I briefly dare.

My little horse did think it odd
And now she lies there on the sod
The bear did make swift work of her
One gulp did send her to her god

And now I run, from oak to fir
The bear behind me, hear him grr!
I run, although I long for sleep
I run and run, my legs a blur.

The bear is huge, his roar is deep
But I have limbs I’d like to keep
And miles to go to reach my Jeep
Alas, I might not reach my Jeep.