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The Apache Modules Book

A few days ago, I received The Apache Modules Book in the mail, and today I received 4 more copies of it. I had the great honor of writing the foreword to the book, and so my name appears on the cover, too, which is very cool. It’s good to have my name associated with such a fine book.

Nick has written a lot of Apache stuff, as well as numerous articles about Apache. And now there’s this book, which is simply the best documentation available on the topic of writing Apache modules.

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing else out there to compare it to. There’s the official developer documentation, which is sparse to the point of embarrassment. And there is a rather outdated book known as the eagle book, which was good when it was fresh, but has grown a little outdated over the last 8 years.

But, fortunately, this book is great whatever we have to compare it to. I highly recommend it, and highly recommend Nick as the right person for the job of explaining this particular topic. Go. Buy it now.