Superbowl and geek toys

At the SuperBowl-watching-event, I took my LCD projector, which we looked up to provide a big-screen version of the action. We also got the wireless network going, and hooked up my laptop to the projector, so that we could switch back and forth between the action and the stats on the web site, or various other web sites.

I’d like to mention, for posterity, that Dexter Jackson was the first Safety to win SuperBowl MVP, and that he was chosen based in part on the overwhelming number of votes he received via the web.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’d also like to mention that is running Apache 1.3.22 and mod_perl 1.26 on some Unix variant – possibly Linux.

And, finally (of course completely unrelated) I’d like to note that their web site was very happily able to handle 30 or 40 requests per second without any noticeable slowdown.