Still in Chicago

Well, I’m still in Chicago. And I’m not very happy about this.

Ok, time for one of my biggest annoyances about airports. An airport is primarily driven by time and schedule. Why, then, can you NEVER find a clock in an airport? They should be *everywhere*! Here are thousands of people, many of whom are not sure what time zone they are in, trying to make it on time to their planes. We need clocks, folks. This is so obvious, and yet every airport I go to, I search in vain for a clock. This does not seem like a hard reques. Clocks are cheap, and adding the current time to all of these dozens of digital displays that are everywhere would seem to be a simple thing to do.

Last night, dozens of flights were cancelled. Apparently because of weather, although nobody ever really told me for sure. So, rather than arriving home at 8 last night, I was standing in line at Customer Service. And around 11pm, one of my brother’s friends picked me up and took me home so I could sleep for a few hours. Then, I was up at 4:45, in a taxi by 5, and now I’m back sitting at the airport waiting for the flight to Lexington.

Since I leave tomorrow morning for Las Vegas, I’m somewhat concerned about my luggage. But I’ve been assured that it will be on this flight, or that it will be there waiting for me. We’ll see. If not, I’ll have to borrow a suitcase and just do without whatever it is that got left in my other suitcase.

I should have enough time to do some laundry and pack for the next trip.

I’m seeing a lot of the same people that were here last night. They all look tired and grumpy, just like me. Maybe we can all get home today. And, with any luck, I won’t get sick before heading out to Vegas.