Step One

I’m in the Lexington Airport, step one of my trip to Sri Lanka. It’s pretty much the same here as normal. Yes, they have the “your bottle of water may explode” signs everywhere, but the folks here are just as laid back and helpful as they were the last time I flew.

In the early post-9/11 days, the security people here were tynrannical, rude, and petty. As they have become more professional, and many of them have been replaced, it has become actually quite pleasant being in this Airport. The folks seem aware that most of us consider them an obstacle, and they are polite and efficient. It’s a wonderful change. I had gotten used to being angry by the time I got through the “security” check, but this year it has been much, much better.

The Atlanta flight was just announced as “the one that’s on time today.” Very encouraging.