The goal today is to get Spamassassin upgraded without terribly breaking anything. The problem is that I am so far back that I am concerned that none of my mail handling scripts will still work. However, since I switched to spamd/spamc a while back, I may be OK.

I hunted for about 15 minutes to figure out how that was actually getting done. Turns out there’s magic in /etc/procmailrc – the last place I would have looked – that sends everything through spamd. (Um. Yes. That’s something that *I* put in place, myself, in May. Am I supposed to remember that sort of thing? Or document it?) Of course, if I had checked the documentation first, instead of last, this would not have taken quite as long. 😉

Anyways, I think I’m just about ready to install the new version, and then things should just work. In theory. There are, however a few non-local users for whom I forward mail, and they have smamfilter scripts that pipe stuff through spamassassin, and I need to make sure those are ok. The docs say something about the dangers of upgrading from anything pre-2.40, and I’m running 2.01. *sigh*


Followup: 10:26am

I seem to have spamassassin working, and I don’t seem to be losing any more email. I think I lost one message, but it appeared to be spam anyway.

In related news, it appears that is trying very very hard to relay thousands and thousands of messages through my mail server. I wonder if I am listed somewhere as an open relay? Anyways, I added the address to my firewall, and that stopped. The messages had faked headers from domains like and .nl.xso and stuff like that. What kind of an idiot mail server setup would you have to have to relay that stuff?