Spam and junk mail

After several weeks in which I’ve received one desired mail message (ie, snail mail) and drifts of undesired, and downright objectionable mail, I am finding, increasingly, that I am glad when I receive junk mail. At least it’s not a bill, or a letter from the IRS, or yet another letter from a lawyer. This is in sharp contrast to email, where I am getting increasingly angry with junk email, which has moved from a minor annoyance to a major source of indignation. How dare these folks waste such a huge portion of my bandwidth for their highly objectionable advertising campaigns? And why is the system set up to permit them to do this with impunity. It really steams me. But, of course, you’ve heard all of this before.

But when I go to the mail box, and can discard every item that I pull out, I sigh with relief that there’s nothing more that I have to deal with. Perhaps if I checked my snail mail every 6 minutes instead of once a day, I’d feel differently!