Sound quality

I’ve had a set of computer speakers and subwoofer sitting in the closet for some time, waiting for when I have an office in which I can use them. I finally dragged them out this weekend and set them up in the place where I usually use my laptop. I figured I might as well be using them for something.

After a little experimentation, I’ve discovered that the headphone jack on my laptop is broken, and only sends signal in one channel unless you lean on one side of it. What genius thought it would be a good idea to put the headphone jack on the front of the laptop? (ie, facing one’s lap.) Seems to guarantee that if you actually use your laptop in your lap – like, say, while flying – you’ll break it.

So it turns out that my Palm Tungsten E produced better sound than my laptop, which seemed rather strange to me. So I’ve got my Tungsten plugged into these speakers and subwoofer, and listening to “Feedback” while working. The only trouble there is battery life.