Skills test

I’m sure that one of these days I’ll get in trouble for posting stuff about my job. I was thinking about this today at work. What would my employer think if he saw some of the stuff that I’ve posted? I expect that it would seem juvenile, and perhaps he’d be upset that I didn’t just approach him about it to start with. I guess, while I find many aspects of my employment to be annoying, overall, I’m glad to have a job, and I try to do it as best as I am able. And I try not to rock the boat in such a way as to terminate that employment.

But I figure I have to finish the story, and not leave folks hanging, right?

The Engineer Skills Test was heavily Microsoft- and Cisco-centric, and so I came away from it feeling that I was utterly without skills. The questions in other areas, I was at least able to make intelligent guesses, or make stuff up, or at least write what would be my troubleshooting steps. But a number of the Windows questions required that you know The Right Answer to some arbitrary “how many” or “what are they called” question, which could not possibly be guessed at.

The stuff in the Unix section was pretty basic for me. The stuff in security required theoretical knowledge that I just don’t have. And the networking, I was able to guess, calculate, or remember (I think) almost all of it.

So perhaps I scored as high as a 50%. It wasn’t an ego-boosting event, to say the least.