See no evil, think no evil

apparently we need to be protected from being able to see symbols, because, obviously, being able to use a swastika in a font will make us evil. It never ceases to amaze me that people can get so worked up about things like this. Make sure you also purge fonts of hammers and sickles, crescents, crosses (and plus signs, while you’re at it. And perhaps the letter t), and any other symbol that might draw people into evil.

Yes, the swastika symbolized a great evil. However, it’s very orwellian to think that its presence in a font is to be avoided. I can’t even begin to get my mind around why someone would think that this is necessary.

Compare, if you will, and If one of them makes you angry and the other does not, you might want to read a few more history books. By all means, read Night, by Elie Weisel, but also read Abyss of Despair by Yeven Metzulah.

And to the folks that get so wrapped up in hating a symbol like the swastika, I can only ask what they are doing about the ethnic killing in central Africa, which does not even pretend to be for a nobler reason, but is unabashedly about one people hating another. By all means, fight your harmless, insignifigant, symbolic battles, but try to recall why it was important to defeat the power behind the swastika, and that the swastika itself was not the enemy.