SCO sucks

First, I want to be completely clear that i hate SCO for technical reasons, not for legal, financial, or corporate reasons. The OS, not the company, is a festering heap of dung. And not in a nice way, either.

I have now been attempting to boot a SCO server for 4 hours. I consider myself moderately knowledgeable about Unix-like operating systems. This should not be this hard.

I think that I should be permitted to testify in the SCO trial, if it indeed ever comes to trial. My role would be to laugh mockingly each time SCO suggests that someone would want to copy their code.

Then, during breaks in the trial, I can set up a mud pie stand on the corner, and sue the Mrs Smith’s pie company for stealing my ideas. I could submit evidence such as “Hey, they’re both pies! It should be obvious!” and then I could send bills to everyone making pies at home.

It’s pure genius!