Say Anything

Yesterday I found Say Anything on sale, and snapped it up. Say Anything was one of our college movies, and, although I remember enjoying it a lot at the time (probably 1990 or 1991) I haven’t seen it since then.

The strange thing is, it’s not at all what I remembered. I seem to have forgotten the dark parts, remembering only the funny bits. (“I hereby surrender my duties as keymaster!” and “That’s my house! I live there!”) And not even all of those. How could I have forgotten the chicken?

On the same note, I tried to find a Lon Chaney movie yesterday. Any Lon Chaney movie. The man was in more than 150 movies, and is the very best known actor of all time in the horror/suspense/thriller movie genre. I could not find a single movie. It seems that if I want to see more of his movies, I have to trawl ebay and rare/used online stores. But it seems possible that almost all but his most famous movies (Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and maybe Oliver Twist) are unavailable at almost any price.