Saturday entry

Written on my Palm, some time Saturday afternoon.

Arrived in Stuttgart approx 10am. I got a little sleep on the plane. Although they repeatedly promised that the flight was going to be full, it was almost empty and I had three seats to myself to spread out on. Still, not exactly the height of comfort.
As seems to be my tradition at ApacheCon, I had an “incident” with the hotel bathroom. The shower is one of those detachable showerheads, and the pressure is enough to put holes in you. Well, I turned it up to full power, and it got away from me, whipping around and soaking everything like something out of looney tons.
The hotel is quite a hike from the train stop. But, I managed to make it here without any problems. I thought, about halfway here, that I was lost, but a kind passerby assured me that I was on the right path. Apparently the German that I learned in highschool has not completely abandoned me, but he very quickly realized that I would do better if he talked to me in English.
Yes, I know, this is very stream of consciousness, and out of order. I’m still pretty tired even though I got a little nap.
Brian McCallister just interrupted my stream of consciousness, and we had a very nice dinner together. Sander is here too, but I haven’t seen anyone else. I imagine a lot of people will show up tonight and tomorrow.
I had a little walk around the area after dinner. Thre is a little biergarten down on the corner, and an orthodox church another block along. I had a swim when I got back, and I think I’m about ready to crash.
Photos will be HERE as soon as I get around to uploading them. There are also some on Flickr, some of them mine.