(Saint) Paris, Ohio

We went to Paris on our honeymoon, and determined that we’d go back to Paris every year for our anniversary. Of course, Paris France is a little hard to get to, both in terms of budget and schedule, so we’re going to go to other Parises until we can afford it. Turns out there’s somewhere around 37 Parises in the USA.

Last year we went to Paris, KY, and this year we had three Parises to choose from in Ohio. There’s Paris, New Paris, and Saint Paris. We couldn’t get a room at the B&B we wanted to stay at in New Paris, so we went to Saint Paris, staying at the Simon Kenton Inn in nearby Springfield.

Saint Paris isn’t a big town. As we drove through it, we were trying to determine whether we had in fact gone through downtown when we saw the “Leaving Saint Paris Township” sign. But, hey, we went to Paris. 🙂

Next year, Paris Tennessee.