Relient K and the Sloop John B

Last night we went to the Relient K concert at Ichthus, and it was fantastic. I love their sound, I love their clever lyrics, and I love the fact that they are so obviously having so much fun on stage.

Unfortunately, I know the lyrics to just one of their songs, so all the twenty-years-younger-than-I people around me belted them out while I tried to catch a word here and there.

Then, in the middle, a bright shining moment, they did “Sloop John B”, and while all the kids around looked on puzzled, I sang as loud as I could, and had more fun than I’ve had at a concert in years, feeling like I was 16 again at that Beach Boys concert in Cincinnati, way up in the nosebleed seats at Riverfront, belting out Sloop John B with Brian Wilson and the Boys.

We left before the News Boys concert – it was getting a little late for us old folks. But I’ve been humming Sloop John B ever since, and I have an even greater fondness for Relient K than I did before.