Regarding /dev/clue

Just a touch of clarification regarding my link to the /dev/clue blog.

The only reason I linked to it was that it was mentioned in Chris Pirillo’s keynote, as an example of how the Feedster search engine works. Feedster looks pretty cool, and it was an interesting demo of it.

As to whether anybody asked for clarification of your remarks, well, given that 1) everyone that I have talk to agrees that the conference went really well and 2) I’ve heard a great deal of constructive criticism already, and don’t really have time for people spewing bile. I’m a little unclear why a remark that you use the word “hate” 100 times in a day lends any additional credence to your opinions. However, I’m glad to report that I’m perfectly clam about it. I just didn’t consider your criticism worth pursuing. Thanks for clarifying it on your own time.