Reflections on an almost-perfect day

Today was very good. From a good breakfast (eggs, sausage, Ethiopian coffee) to a wonderful dinner (crab legs, lobster, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi) , just about everything was great.

This morning we went to the Wilmore Festival of the Fourth parade, which is always more pleasant than the Lexington parade, which we also attended. We went down to the campgrounds, where we ate too much cotton candy and snow cones, and Sarah got her hair painted red and blue.

The Lexington parade is always a showcase of nutjobs and fringe groups, from cross-dressing Harley-Davidson gangs to Gays for Jesus to John Kerry supporters.

I saw several people I knew in the parade. Tim Philpot was in the parade, as part of his re-election campaign. And Tim and Lisa and the kids were marching with the RailTrails folks (there’s photos of them in there somewhere).

Oh, and this year, I got footage of the Wilmore Precision Lawnmower Marching Brigade. (HERE and HERE) Fortunately, this year’s parade did not have the spectacular lawnmower-related injuries that accompanied last year’s parade.