Reading what I’ve written

Each time I’ve written a book, I’ve avoided looking at the end result. I’m rather afraid of two things. One, that what I wrote was drivel. And two, that the editors did something to it to make it drivel.

I spent the evening looking through ‘Apache Cookbook’, and I’m less than thrilled with the *SIGNIFICANT* differences between the last version in cvs and the version on paper. Every recipe is changed in style, and most recipes are changed in content. I hate that editors feel the need to edit personality out of the text. It seems that people that know me from IRC will buy the book looking for my personality. All sarcasm has been removed. All humor has been removed. All colloquialisms have been removed. What’s left is pretty sterile. I’m not happy.

Of course, I suppose I can’t publish this post, at least until the second edition comes out. And even then, only if the second edition fixes these problems.