Queen’s Day

Last night I went to dinner with a bunch of Apache guys – Robert Donkin, Aaron Farr, Nick Kew, Noel Bergman, and Bill Rowe – but I headed back to the hotel fairly early. Interesting conversations with interesting people, but I was feeling very far away from home, and wasn’t really enjoying the crowds a whole lot.

I just got done reviewing my conference presentations, and I think that they’re all ready. So I’m about to head out and … yeah, experience the crowds a little more. Today is Queen’s Day, which is a pretty big party. THere’s also a couple things that I have determined to find and take home with me, so that’ll be my quest for the next few hours. I saw one of them last night, but I’m not entirely sure where we were, so it might take me a little time to find it again. Meanwhile, hopefully I’ll take more photos.