Podcasting equipment

I’ve been looking for some recording equipment, in order to improve the quality of my recordings. However, during the process, I was listening to some of my earlier recordings, and I’m really quite amazed at how much better the quality is now than it was when I first started. Between actually learning how to use Audacity, and, I guess, learning a little bit about what the recording levels actually should be, it seems that I’ve greatly improved. Still not perfect, of course, but better.

Anyways, I found this microphone, which, according to various reviews, will make my recordings better. They also recommended several recording software packages, including Audio Hijack Pro as one of the top contenders. I’m not sure I would know enough about it to use it to much effect, but the little bit I’ve learned about Audacity has helped a lot, so maybe it would.

Meanwhile, as you may have noticed off to the right side of the page (assuming you read this on my website, rather than in some RSS reader) that I’m doing two other podcast sites. JWHughes.org is, for the moment, the autobiography of John Wesley Hughes, who founded Asbury College. And the other site is the weekly (and, as time permits, the daily) readings of the Episcopal Church. In addition to all other considerations, the Bible contains some of the lovliest poetry around, and is great reading/recording material.

And my recording of A Christmas Carol is coming along nicely, although I’m having a really hard time figuring out a time to do my performance/reading of the whole thing, due to annoying schedule conflicts. And time’s running out.