Please use your indoor voice

The folks across the aisle from me on the plane had apparently never been taught the difference between an indoor voice and an outdoor voice. Mom and Dad, and a little boy. The little boy was the best behaved of the tree, I think.

It was evident that they had not flown before, and the little guy wanted to explore a little bit before takeoff. He was forbidden to do so. He was also forbidden to speak, move, put his feet on the seat in front of him, look out the window, fiddle with the buttons, touch anything, or breathe. Ok, I made up the breathe bit.

Naturally, being 3 or 4 years old, this upset him a little bit, and he used his outdoor voice (actually, his football stadium voice) to let us all know that. His father promptly disavowed any responsibility for his welfare and looked the other way.

During the flight, the mother and father loudly disagreed about the timezone change, the lateness of the flight, whose fault it was that there weren’t enough toys for “the kid”, whether or not to call the person who was picking them up when they got there, and various other entertaining topics. Meanwhile, “the kid” screamed quite a bit. It was a charming picture of family unity.

I’m in SD now, about to go down for some breakfast. The view is simply amazing, looking out over the Marina. Kinda like this, but from a lot higher up and a little to the right.