On the Monday after the GeekOut, I took a hotel car to Pinawalla, to see the Elephant Orphanage. It was about a two hour drive, and we made a few stops along the way.
I got the distinct impression that the driver had a deal with some of the folks such that he got a cut of their overcharging me for stuff. I suppose everyone has to make a living. We stopped to see some porcupines, and that cost me a couple dollars. I got some cool pictures, which at the moment I can’t find.

Anyways, eventually we got to Pinawalla, and to the Elephant Bath place, where I got to ride an elephant!!

We then went to the Elephant Orphanage, where there was a herd of 40 or so elephants. After looking at them for a while, we went down to the river, and shortly afterwards, the entire herd came down to the river for their bath. Some of them went across to the other side of the river, where they threw the red dirt on their backs.

On the way back to Colombo, we stopped at a number of other places, including a spice store, and a batik store, both of which were very interesting, but where I felt rather obliged to buy something. (I got some spices, but didn’t get any batiks, earning me a dirty look or two. I hate that sort of thing.)

However, in all, it was a very cool day, and it was very very cool to get to ride an elephant.