Pikeville and back

Just a few quick comments before I fall into bed.

I just got back from the Pikeville Professional Linux Group, where I gave an “Intro to Apache” talk for their Sunday afternoon meeting. Of course, to get there, I had to drive about 3.5 hours each way. And by some strange trick of geography, it was all uphill, both directions.

Most of the trip was on the Mountain Parkway, which was beautiful on the way there, and terrifying on the way back, by which time it was pitch dark and snowing.

To add to the fun, I ran out of gas on the way back. At least, my gas gauge fell as far below E as I have ever seen it, and seemed to be trying to go through the pin at the bottom end of the scale. But, since this was way up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, there was not a gas station, or a town, to be had for many miles. Somehow, I managed to go more than 20 miles after I was sure I would run dry, and found an exit for Campton. I still had to go about 6 miles from the exit to find a gas store that was open. I was absolutely convinced that I would be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no idea where I was. But I made it. I always thought that my gas tank was 15 gallons, but I put 17 gallons of gas in it. Very unnerving.

Pikeville, which is roughly 100 miles east of Lexington, has a really impressive technology center, where I gave the presentation. The room that I was in had a 6×8 screen at the front of the room. That is, a 6 foot by 8 foot monitor, into which I plugged my laptop. It was very impressive. The turnout was a little disappointing, but several of the folks that were to come were sick with the flu.

I’m glad I agreed to go do this, but now I am utterly exhausted.