Personal ticket tracker

I ask this every few years, because I’ve never found a particularly good solution. I’d love to hear what you use.

I need a personal ticket tracker. I’m not talking about a check-it-off style To Do List app, but rather something more approaching a software ticket tracker.

I need to be able to set priority, dependencies, and relationships between tasks (ie, projects comprised of several subtasks). I need to be able to get reports of what I did on a given day or week or month. I need to be able to set deadlines on tasks, and get reminders when a deadline is approaching.

I have never used a full-blown project management tool, and that *might* be what I want, but I suspect that it’s not, as I’m doing N projects at any given moment, and I don’t want something monolithic for each.

In the past I’ve used RT, which is a great project by an awesome company, but it’s a bit difficult to get set up initially, mostly because it is *so* configurable.

While I was at SourceForge, I used the Allura ticket tracker (ie, the tracker attached to projects) and that’s fine if your tasks are public-facing, as mine were there. The facility for private tasks was (at the time) a little weak.

I’ve also used a lot of different ToDo list apps. TeuxDeux is far and away the best of them, but I have since moved to Android, so, no joy there.

Oh, yeah, access from web and mobile are essentials, so a desktop-only project management tool is out.

At the moment, I’m using a text file, written in markdown, which gets converted to a web page, but this doesn’t do a good job of reporting (I move done items to a “done this week” list), or of priorities and dependencies. I have “Now”, “Today”, “Soon” and “Later” lists, and what ends up happening is that everything is either in the “Now” or “Later” lists, and I just do stuff in order of the list.

I’d love to see what other folks use to track enormous ToDo lists of this type, particularly people who are as scatterbrained as I am.