Palm T|X

I’ve aquired a Palm T|X. It is very nice in many ways, but, for me, the best part about it is bluetooth. The ability to synchronize over a non-wired connection means that I will sync more often, thus immediately making this a more useful device than any Palm device I’ve ever had before. It meant that changes I make on my destop calendar, or my Palm calendar, are (almost) immediately available on the other – something that took days or weeks on previous Palm devices, due to the enormous inconvenience of dragging out a USB cable, untangling it from the other USB cables, and syncing.

Granted, it takes a lot longer to sync over bluetooth than over USB. This doesn’t actually bother me a lot, as I just sync when I’m not using the Palm. Also, due to the range of bluetooth, I don’t have to be tethered to the computer, so I can sync from another room when needed.

The 802.11 networking is very handy also, but, so far, is mostly a toy. Although I did use it *extensively* yesterday in troubleshooting web servers, so perhaps it’ll be more useful, in short bursts, over the long haul. I’ve got an ssh client installed on it, and have used that quite a bit. I was rather disappointed, and somewhat surprised, to not find any free IRC clients. There are several commercial ones, which is almost as surprising. Imagine charging for an IRC client. That’s kind of weird.