OSCon, day 3

I’m not entirely sure how it became Wednesday already. Sheesh.

OK, last night I was out until 3 this morning, and so I’m a little worn out. Last year, I left everything early so that I could get sleep. In doing so, I missed out on some stuff. So I determined that this time I would attend everything I possibly could, be the last to leave, and get everything possible out of the week. So, this morning I am a little ragged.

Tim O’Reilly gave the same talk that he gave at ApacheCon. Well, different title, and a few different examples, but essentially the same talk.

Next, there was a talk about Eclipse, which is apparently very cool and shiny if you like that sort of thing. I think that if I cared at all about Java or IDEs, I would have had the patience to endure the speaker saying “uh” every 5th word. No, I’m not exaggerating.

Right now, I’m in Justin’s AAA talk, which I will hopefully be able to pay attention to, but I need to make sure I’m ready for my talk, which is immediately after. Migrating to Apache 2.0.