OpenStack Meetup, Cincinnati

Last night I attended the OpenStack meetup in Cincinnati. It was a lot longer drive than I anticipated, as it was on the north side of Cincy. But it was worth the drive. There were only five people there including myself, and although there was nothing formal planned in terms of a presentation, we had a great conversation around what we do in our various jobs with OpenStack, and I think we all learned something new about the OpenStack world in the process.

If you’re in the Cincy/Louisville/Lexington area, and you’re interested in future meetups, please let me know (rbowen at red hat dot com), so that we can get you included in those announcements. I’d really like to do something in Lexington, so that I don’t have to drive so far. 😉 So if you’re in Lexington and are interested in, or are using, OpenStack, please ping me and we’ll set something up.