On the way

I’m in the Bluegrass Airport, starting the first leg of my trip to Amsterdam.

They’ve added a new hurdle to check-in. I had to scan my passport in the automatic check-in machine. Of course, it wouldn’t scan, because it’s been through the wash and the cover isn’t rigid enough to force through the scanner. The folks at immigration at JFK (or wherever it was last time) assured me that I didn’t need to get a new passport, so I didn’t. The guy at the counter didn’t give me a hard time, though, so it’s all good. Hopefully the next half-dozen people to check it will be equally forgiving.

As expected, there’s a 15-30 minute delay in Detroit for storms. I have been delayed on every single flight I’ve taken this year, without exception. However, none of them have been as minor as 15-30 minutes, so I suppose I should be grateful. The first itinerary I was given had a 45-minute layover in Detroit, and I rejected that, knowing that I’d need more than that to compensate for delays. So now I’ve got about 3 hours. Ugh. Detroit.

In ApacheCon-related news, I’ve been working on my lightning talk. I don’t reckon it will be quite as much fun as “why I hate Apache” that I did in Stuttgart, but I think it’s pretty good. Anyways, I’ll enjoy doing it, and that’s what really matters, right?