On the way to San Francisco

I’m supposed to be arriving in San Franciscon in about 10 minutes, but I suspect that it will be a little more like an hour.

In Lexington, I thought I had lucked out. At the terminal, they said that I could get an earlier flight to Atlanta, and possibly an earlier flight to San Francisco. However, after sitting on the runway for a little while, we returned to the gate and ended up leaving somewhat later than the later flight was supposed to leave. Something about “a lot of weather in Atlanta.”

Upon arriving in Atlanta, I had to board my second flight almost right away, but then we ended up sitting out on the runway for more than an hour waiting for the weather to go away, then, moving at a slow walk down the runway behind the other 48 flights that were waiting for the weather to go away.

So, now I’m most of the way to San Francisco. I left my little neck pillow at home, so now I have a very sore neck after dosing off for a while. Bah.

Also, I thought there would be an opportunity to buy some dinner on the flight, but apparently I was mistaken.

Remember when they used to serve dinner on these flights, with silverware? And it was included in the price of the ticket? Remember when they stopped charging for the headphones for watching the movies? Remember when flying was fun? Yeah, I do too.