On the plane

On the plane on the way to Atlanta, on the way to Portland.

Going through security was the least painful that it has been in a long time. I suppose that once one gets used to it, it gets better. Or perhaps it really is getting better.

This time, I even had two laptops, and this earned me no more than a half-hearted attempt at a joke.

I brought “Dancing Barefoot” with me. I actually obtained it last year at OSCon, but had not gotten around to reading it yet. I started it in the airport, and finished it shortly after takeoff. Wil Wheaton is a great writer. While the writing style is more akin to blogging than to great literature, he’s smart, funny, and in touch with what it’s like to be a geek in a world that doesn’t understand geeks. Highly recommended, even if you can’t get the autographed version. 😉

Then I started reading “Memoirs Found in a Bathtub” by Stanislaw Lem. It is strange, but it has a historical slant that appeals to me. I’ve often wondered what future generations of archaelogists would think of us if, somehow, our written record were lost. Well, that’s what the book is about

Anyhoo, I’m about halfway to Atlanta, and starting to really look forward to the conference. I’m not quite as prepared as I’d like to be, but I’ll look through my presentation again in Atlanta.

I brought some John Wayne movies, and I’ll probably watch them most of the way to Portland, if my battery holds out.

(Written on my Tungsten E, using my infrared wireless keyboard. Yay, cool toys!)