Ohio Linux Fest

Summary: Come to my Apache classes at Ohio Linux!

In less than two weeks, I’ll be at Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus. I haven’t been for several years, but it’s one of those conferences that I remember fondly, and am greatly looking forward to going.

I’ll be teaching two half day classes (Apache HTTP Server Wizardry, and mod_rewrite Boot Camp) on Friday, and an hour session on Saturday (Write A Better FM). You should come.

The conference itself is free, so if you’re anywhere in the Ohio area, or within a day’s drive, you have very little excuse for not coming. There will be Linux luminaries there, and dozens of great technical talks, parties, and networking with co-workers. And, although it’s not like the old days when the *entire* conference was sharing a single cellphone-based dialup connection, I’m sure you’ll see many feats of geekery.

The Friday classes require paid registration, so don’t wait until the last minute. The prices are, I think, very reasonable for a full day of technical training, so even if you’re not interested in what I’m teaching, have a look at the full list. There’s some great classes being offered.

Hope to see you there.