Not-so-super bowl

I watched the first quarter of the Superbowl, and was less than thrilled. Apparently there have been a few scores since then, but … *yawn* … I’m not sure I care.

i saw the commercial in which the kids sued by the RIAA for downloading music (losers sued by losers, apparently) are promoting Pepsi, which is promoting iTunes. It’s all rather convoluted.

It seemed kinda cool at first, but after reading the Tune Recycler web site, it appears that there some rather significant misinformation floating around about this whole situation.

Sure, the RIAA are slime, but it’s not entirely clear to me that iTunes is much more than the RIAA’s sexy marketing arm. Kinda like the Microsoft Booth Babes.

But, given that I seldom buy music anyway, I can’t say I’m too terribly concerned one way or the other.

But, if you do drink Pepsi, consider giving your bottle caps to the Tune Recycler. It seems like a Good Thing to do.