No vacancy

Well, apparently, you can’t just drive to Pigeon Forge and expect to find a place to put up a tent.


I got to the north end of Pigeon Forge at 7pm, emerged from the south end a mere 45 minutes later (about 3 miles), and drove to the camp site I had chosen. Only to find that it was full. So I went to the next place that I had chosen, which turned out to be about 15 miles further than I thought it was. The surly attendant wanted a $30 deposit, and could not tell me for sure what it would cost for a night. So I didn’t stay there.

Around 9:30 I had just about decided to just go home. But I stuck it out. With the help of my GPS, I located several other campgrounds that were full. I finally ended up at the KOA on the north side of Sevierville. 35d59.416,-83d36.144 The drive down here was about 150 miles, and I’ve driven about another 70 or 80 looking for a camp site.

So, at about 11:00, I got my tent set up, and got my dinner. Chicken noodle soup never tasted so good.

It’s nice here. I think. I couldn’t actually see anything when I drove in, so for all I know I might be on the edge of a oozing swamp.

So much for my plans of writing a chapter this evening. Good night.