New keyboard, new laptop

The first shipment of my “new laptop” arrived today. I have a new keyboard. And the difference is so great that it’s almost like having a new laptop. Although I’m sure that having a new laptop would have been more satisfying to my technology addiction, this is pretty good. I’m almost completely convinced that I made the right decision.

Why just almost? Well, one of the side effects of my AC adapter going out is that it toasted my battery. The battery thinks that it is 100% charged, but it can’t actually keep the computer running for more than about 2.5 seconds. Apparently this is one of those batteries that has a very good memory of what its empty point is, and, apparently, it thinks that it is 98%. So I need a new battery, too. Unless I can find a way to totally discharge this one, and reset its bottom point.

So, off to Google go I.