Narnia Night

We just got back from attending Narnia Night at Asbury College where, among other things, we saw the world premiere of the 9-minute preview of the Narnia movie.

It was simply breathtaking.

We also saw 4 or 5 short pieces about the making of the movie. Apparently WETA, ILM, and Sony were all three involved in the visual effects of the movie, using Massive, as well as a variety of other amazing things, to produce these effects.

I am *so* looking forward to this movie.

After the video presentations, authors from the college signed their books (this one and this one) about Narnia, and there was hot chocolate and turkish delight.

Sarah loved the movie previews, but she was getting rather tired and grumpy by the end of it all.

Unfortunately, I’ll be travelling on the 9th. Maybe I can persuade some folks to go see it with me Friday night at Apachecon. (Just one week ’til Apachecon!)