My Beloved has painted several murals around the house, and this has somewhat raised the bar when it comes to painting the kids’ rooms.

A while back I sketched up a few ideas for Z’s room, and I finally got started on it. It’s going to be blue on top, and green on the bottom, with various things on the various walls. The wall I’ve started on is airplanes, and if you squint just right, you can see two of my initial sketches here.

So far I’ve drawn a P52 Mustang, a A64 Apache, a Piper Cub, a Sopwith Camel, a Cessna 172 that I drew from memory and so isn’t particularly accurate, and a view from the front of some kind of commercial jet coming off of the runway.

Later today, I plan to start painting them. I’d like to get the Mustang and the Cessna done, so that we can put up a shelf across the top of the wall.

More pictures as it becomes more recognizable.

Meanwhile, we also repainted S’s room, to match her new quilt that my Beloved made for her. It looks awesome.