Mt Kenya trip: Addendum

I just remembered another incident that adds a certain something to the tale of climbing Mt Kenya. It was on the way down the mountain. Seems I was missing a little detail.

The car trouble actually started on the way down. We managed to get a hole in the oil pan of one of the LandRovers – apparently a rock had bounced up from the road and punctured it.

As we were waiting for a decision on what happened next, a crowd of kids started to gather. We were on the road between Meru and the base camp, and this is a very rural area. Seems that we were quite an unusual sight in this area. So, we all put on our mirrored sunglasses (hey, it was 1986!) and, all at the same time, stuck our heads up out of the sunroof. The kids fled, screaming in terror.

Yep, that’s all there is to the story. Kinda silly. But one of those things that makes the trip stand out so vividly in my memory.