More time cubes

A while back, I posted something about the Time Cube folks. For some reason, there’s been some discussion there, between one of the Time Cube fanatics and some other guy. It’s interesting reading.

What’s fascinating about this stuff is that, if you really read it, they’re not saying anything even remotely original. They’re saying, if I understand it, that at any given time, it’s noon somewhere, midnight somewhere, sunrise somewhere, and sunset somewhere. Well, yeah, we’ve known that for several centuries, at the very least.

But, by phrasing things in confusing circular sentences, they make it appear either more elevated, or more insane, depending on your perspective.

Take this sentence, for example:

If you had not been educated stupid, you would recognise that the Earth rotates between the opposite parameters of North and South poles.

OK, so what are they saying here? That the earth rotates, pivoted at the north and south pole. Yeah. Every first grader knows that. But, by phrasing it as they have, they are intentionally causing you to react negatively to it. Why? I can’t imagine.

The vast majority of their points are like this. They say obvious things, and then claim that the whole world disagrees with them. Fascinating reading, really. What we seem to have here is a scientist with no original ideas, but with an irrational feeling that the whole world is against him.

And, if his presentation ever lacks clarity, it’s because words themselves are evil and stupid. This works both ways, too. If you to happen to understand what he’s saying, then you really didn’t understand, because you are evil and stupid. This permits him to evade having to explain anything, and it evades anyone discovering that he’s not really saying anything profound.

Couching the entire debate in terms of everyone being STUPID AND EVIL, and putting everything ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS, they manage to elevate a few trite statements to the realm of religious warfare. You know, it really makes me wonder if this guy isn’t just a psychologist doing an elaborate experiment.

Nah, he’s probably just a looney.