More caching

I am exhausted.

This evening I took a l’ill walk in stonewall woods, which was a load of fun, but very very tiring. When I was just a few yards from the final goal, I got a phone call, and had to go take care of a crisis. (While I will note that, for some folks, everything is a crisis, I suppose I won’t elaborate any further than that, to protect the innocent.) Then, 30 minutes later, I was back for the final step.

Right now, I think I will probably fall asleep as soon as I lay down, so I’ll make one more remark before I do that.

I spoke with Denise today (owner, manager, etc, Chrisman Mill Winery), and it seems that I might have an opportunity to make their web site a little less … how shall I put this … painful? She gave me a pound of their exclusive Cabernet/Chocolate flavored coffee as incentive, and I’ll take a look at it tomorrow, and hopefully get TCG to contribute an hour or two to a good cause.