More about evangelism and advertising

Adrian made some responses to my earlier remarks, and he make all very good points. I guess I’m reacting to some things that I’ve seen in the chuch in the United States in recent years – a focus on numbers instead of orthodoxy. Quantity rather than quality, you might say.

A local leader in the Episcopal church, for example, recently said that he would rather have a vibrant community with heresy than to insist on orthodox doctrine and have a church schism.

Larger “non-denominational” churches in this area are, it seems, willing to become social events and entertainment, as long as it brings the people in. But in to what? If the Church must change its character in order to draw people, then why bother drawing them at all?

So, yes, I was unfair to Life Bridge. I made unwarranted conclusions about some people that were kind, giving, and probably very sincere. I did this in reaction to the way in which I saw things happen at another church which used to have a vibrant, and orthodox, community, and now has a much larger, much more vibrant community, at the expense of tradition, clearly stated beliefs, and a commitment to missions. And also at the expense of many of the long-suffering members. But, hey, as long as they brought the people in, these were acceptable sacrifices.

I still have a profound respect for Dr Elliiott, and for many of the folks that have stuck it out there, but I saw no further need to keep attending what was increasingly a social gathering with pretty music.

And so I am elsewhere, with a much smaller community, but a conviction that it is more important to be correct than to be popular.

A blessed Easter to all of you. Christ is risen indeed. Alelulia, Alelulia. I’m still thawing from our sunrise service. 🙂