Monthly staff meeting

Tomorrow is our monthly staff meeting, and I’m alread braceing myself for it. The purpose of the meeting, as near as I can tell it, is to lower the morale of the employees. We’re told about all the bad stuff that happened over the last month, and then carefully told how it’s our fault. And what additional duties will be added to us in order to fix the problems.

I’ve gotten to the point where I show up, tune out, and play games on my Palm.

This month, because several people were late last month, the meeting has been made 15 minutes earlier. Because, obviously, if people have trouble making it by 7:45, 7:30 is going to be easier.

Yeah. I’m looking forward to work tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I forgot one. After the meeting, I get to take an Engineer Skills Test. I’ve been there a year, and now I get to take a test to see if I have the necessary skills to have the job. I can hardly wait.