Apachecon: Monday Morning

At some point yesterday, my electricity at home appears to have gone
off. My various servers went down, and were down for an hour or so. When
they came back up, not all of them came back up. Specifically, shiraz,
my internal network services machine (dns, and some other things,
including database) didn’t come up. And, it happens that this journal
points at that server for database services.

So, it’s all very well to not put your eggs all in one basket, but the
fact is that when you drop a basket, you still lose all *those* eggs.

Ok, so this is my offline blog. Real high tech.

I wanted to note some things before my crummy memory loses them forever.

Saturday night, I had dinner at the Mirage. With us were myself, Charel,
Ken and Cathy, Sanjiva, Paul Querna and his father Paul Querna, and
Mads. I had the shrimp scampi and pasta, which was pretty good. The
restaurant was the third one that we attempted to go to. The others had
a 45 minute, and 2 hour, wait for a table. These seemed a little

Last night, I had dinner at Simon, in the Hard Rock casino, with Gozer,
Mads, and Garret. That was really good, although it was pretty pricey. I had a chicken curry, which, I think, is what I had there last year.

The members’ meeting was good last night, with all the nominated members being elected. Also the omnibus resolution passed unanimously, which is always encouraging.

This morning, Wil Wheaton is giving the keynote. Apparently it will be webcast, but I am not sure where, and by the time I get this on my journal, it will of course be long over. Not very useful as an announcement, I suppose. But hopefully people will learn about it on IRC anyways.

It looks like I’m not going to get out to do much in Vegas this time around, but I’m going to try to go to the Star Trek thing this evening if I can. Should be pretty cool.