mod_rewrite Cookbook

Due in part to my frustration with the format of the Rewrite Guide, and in part to my desire to be writing, with, just maybe the hopes of someone publishing it some day, I’ve started working on the mod_rewrite Cookbook. Of course, there’s also a great deal of learning for me to do, and I tend to learn the most about stuff when I’m writing about it. I know, that may seem a little odd, but it’s true.

The Rewrite Guide was a great document, but over time, it has aged, grown to unmanageable size, and not kept up with the stylistic changes of the documentation or the particular rewrite questions that people are asking. So what we’re left with is a monolithic doc that’s hard to use, and lacks the most commonly-asked questions.

Maybe this is just an exercise for my own amusement, but I expect that at least someone will benefit from it, and I *know* that I will. I’ve already learned a number of things. And, of course, the real docs will benefit in some way out of this, even if not directly.