mod_rewrite book

Back in early 2006 I published The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite. It hasn’t sold well. It was hardback, and overpriced for such a slender book. Many people have mentioned to me that they think it’s a great book, but the royalties aren’t exactly pouring in.

There are, as with any book I’ve done, many things I wish I had done differently. But the publisher isn’t interested in doing another edition, largely due to the poor sales.

So I’m considering, in 2010, doing a new edition of the book, and distributing it both as a free PDF as well as making it available via my Lulu store. This will give me the opportunity to start with the current book, but then to update it on an ongoing basis, and always have the latest version available. And the folks who want a print copy can get one.

I have no idea whether folks would be interested, but I’m tired of looking at the book on my shelf and thinking how much I wish I’d done things a little differently.

What do you think?