MikeeUSA and other loonies

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed me mention, in the last few days, a loonie by the name of MikeeUSA, who posts all sorts of anti-woman things on his website.

This morning, he posted a comment on this website, having apparently made a connection between me and the attempts to shut down his filth, not to mention the reports to the FBI.

Inciting violence is a crime. Inciting murder is a crime. He is doing both on his website, and isn’t at all shy about it.

I encourage you to contact the owners/managers of pressword.com to get this guy shut down. That contact information is:


I encourage you to contact law enforcement, and let them know the kinds of things that he is promoting. Namely, murder of high-profile women in the Open Source community, rape, and violence against women. One good place to start that process is here: http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx However, your local FBI office would be good, too.

I have not published the comment that he made, because I really don’t care to have that kind of stuff on my website. However, accompanying the comment was the following contact information:


It is, of course, reasonable to presume that the email address is bogus. The IP address is in Berlin, which of course doesn’t necessarily mean that this individual is in Berlin, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Just to be clear, “MikeeUSA”, this is not about, as you say, “speaking against your beliefs”. I do, indeed, think your beliefs are objectionable. This is about you committing crimes in several nations, inciting violence and murder, and generally promoting views that lower you to the state of a wild animal rather than a man, as you mistakenly claim yourself to be.