Migrating to WordPress

The promised 5-minute migration to WordPress was, of course, rather too much (or little, I suppose) to expect. The instructions are lacking a few important clarifications. Perhaps after I get done migrating, I can submit come amendments to the documentation.

The thing that I’m struggling with right now is trying to get my existing Movable Type URLs to point to the correct articles in WP. This doesn’t work because, although the import is in the same order as the export, because I’m running more than 1 blog, the ID numbers end up getting out of sync. Presumably, if you have only one blog, the export will correspond exactly to the ID numbers. But since MT uses the same ID pool for all blogs, each article from another blog causes the eventual ID numbers to not line up. I have no solution to this yet.

If you care to enlighten me … well, comments are temporarily turned off, because of the veritable FLOOD of comment spam that I’m receiving at the moment. Sorry.